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SMART Aquarium

Published on January 13, 2015 by paksc

Project Introduction: SMART AQUARIUM: S.M.A.R.T means Self Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting Technology. The project is an automated system to take care of fish. It will replace the manual maintenance of fish aquarium with its automated functions. It will monitor the physical changes in the water and will maintain it to the ideal conditions like temperature, turbidity level, PH level etc required changes.

Prepared by: Salman Khaliq Bajwa

Team Members: Murtaza Malik, Muhammad Waqas Aslam

Project Advisor: Asstt. Professor, Chairman SDP Committee, Abdul Aleem

Abstract: Fish keeping is a popular fad; almost people from all the age groups like to keep fish in their home, offices etc for decoration purpose or as a hobby. Fish keeping is itself an industry which comes in agriculture.

Fish keeping is not an easy job; we always need an aquarium or a pond for that. The hobby of fish keeping is broadly divided into three; freshwater, brackish, marine. Among all these three, freshwater is considered to be the most popular hobby of keeping fish because it is easy to handle with freshwater fish and aquariums.

It has always been a headache to take care of the fish and aquariums. We have to change the water after sometime; we have to feed the fish on time, we have to maintain the temperature and turbidity level of the water and always have to keep an eye on fish and aquarium. All these steps are done manually.

The project, SMART aquarium has been designed by keeping in mind, the problem of those who cannot take care of their aquarium every day. It does the feeding itself every day, keeps the temperature of the aquarium under control, and also keeps the turbidity level under control. The GSM Mobile attached to it sends the report or we can say the current situation of the aquarium like temperature level, turbidity level, feeding etc via SMS on your cell phone.


We started off the project with aim to accomplish the simple looking task of designing an automatic aquarium (SMART Aquarium). But with time and experiences it was learnt that this was not at all an easy task, specially interfacing the sensors and GSM Mobile with the controller.

Though we are able to achieve all the goals of our project but still we think that lots of advancement can be done on this project. We have provided the platform and the platform is ready for everyone to work on it. For advancements, we need more time, money and hard work. Money would remain the critical issue cause in order to upgrade the project many of the stuff would need an up gradation.

Nevertheless this project has been a success as far as learning and practical implementation of Electronics Engineering concepts is concerned. The basic idea proposed in this project works well and can be implemented on large scale industries like agriculture etc. Having a SMART Aquarium, will save our time and we would not have to be worried for our fish and their aquariums for long time.

Download  S.M.A.R.T. AQUARIUM project report.

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