Universal Multiphone charger:

Universal Multiphone charger charging your cell phones with novelty

Universal Multiphone charger charging your cell phones with novelty

Almost every electronic device needs to be recharged. This charger serves the purpose. Not only charging your 5 batteries simultaneously but also charging your motorcycle battery

Group members

  • Usama mehboob
  • Muhammaad hamad akram
  • Majid mushtaq
  • Yasir qureshi

Class BEE- 2B


“Universal pin charger” as the name suggest is used to charge more than one device at a time. It is capable of charging not only single type but also multipurpose devices. The project was designed for the ease of human life to meet the ever increasing demands of luxurious lifestyles of humans. There are always more than one electronic device in each home and charging them is seems to be a big problem for every individual. These chargers not only make your life easier and comfortable but also ensure the safety of device. Circuit is fabricated in compact form and providing the alternative path for various devices. No other charger in the market is designed in this way. All the chargers being designed in the market are capable of charging only one device at a time or at most two devices. But this universal multiphone charger is capable of charging five devices at a time. We are quite sure that this charger is going to change the lifestyle of every human being who will make it as a part of his life. This charger is going to define a new road map in the era of rechargeable electronic devices.


Universal multiphone charger as the name suggests is operated under 230 V rms.in case of load shedding which is legitimate problem in Pakistan it can also be operated under 12 volt battery.
This charger is capable of charging 5 phones at a time, whether it is being operated in 230V AC or 12V Dc power supply from a battery. It delivers its output in 5 different PINS. Each pin is able to charge one mobile at a time. it does not matter of which company your mobile is whether is a cheap mobile of nokia or a smart phone android (capable of being charged from a usb port).all mobile can be inserted simultaneously this charger also includes of charging a 6 volts motorcycle battery.2 crocodile clippers are provided at its outputs which are two be connected to positive and negative terminals of a battery to be charged. This charger has an upper hand on other chargers available at market in this regard that it ensures the safety of human life where other charger fails. An extra fuse is added in series in the circuit which does not allow the current to exceed the required safe amount. In short this multiphone charger can surely be regarded as the jack of all trades.


Motivation for this project came because we care for your needs. A bundle of chargers are available in the market. But all has a common problem where they fail to be called as a universal charger. The name only cannot ensure the functionality of the device especially when your product is capable of charging only one device at a time. As actions speak more than words so keeping these words in mind we hit upon an idea that there must be charger that surely would be called as a universal charger. Motivation for this project came to bridge this gap of universal chargers in some way. So atlas we came up with our glorious product in the market as multipurpose phone charger. This charger not only charges your cell phones but also 6 volt your motorcycle battery. So we used the basic concept to charge a single phone but we tapped it and expanded it in very intelligent and ingenious way to introduce our product in the market.

Research and Development

Research was done only to expand the concept of charging a single mobile at a time to make it able to be applied on multiple mobiles simultaneously. So we took the simple concept of charging the batteries & what we found was mere to regulate the voltage after converting it into DC, but one extra thing we added to preserve the battery charging is to stop the current of battery from flowing in backward direction


Multipurpose charger designed, served a lot as its design is simple & ergonomic. Moreover its user-friendly operation and low cost make it efficient charger available uptill in the market. More over its capability of charging the mobile batteries with both AC and DC supplies make it priceless. Out of all other aspects the major one is that its capability to charge five batteries simultaneously and also additional motorcycle battery make it the basic need of common man. But like all other devices it also has some limitations for china mobiles. As there is no check & balance on china mobiles so it is very difficult to make it charger for all china mobiles available in the market. But it does good job indeed for any other company in the market. In order to bring it to the commercial level some improvement has to be done. But indeed it is worth saying that this multipurpose charger is superb and ingenious effort of electronic engineers. After all we care.

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