Radio Control Airplane by MUET Young engineers

Radio Control Airplane by MUET Young engineers

Design And Modelling Of A Radio Control Airplane By Muet Mechlines Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro

The team name”MUET MECH-LINES” members are

  • Muhammad Rizwan
  • Abdul Wahab
  • Danish Hanif
  • Sheeraz Soomro
  • Zain-ul-Abiddinbuild a Radio Control Airplane under¬†Supervision of Dr. Zeeshan Ali and Mr. Shoakat Memon. This airplane has participated in Design, Build, & Fly Competition (DBFC-8), GIKI, KPK, National Flying Competition (NFC-13), Airmen Golf Course, PAF-KIET, Karachi. and SENTEC MUET MECH-LINES team won the first position in the NFC-13 Competition.Note: For more detail about Team “MUET MECH-LINES” mail at info@paksc.orgDo you want to Publish your project on PSC website (Students Projects & Thesis) please Email us at

    The team “MUET MECH-LINES” members


(RC) aire. The project is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the RC airplane is designed using the Pro Engineer software. The preliminary design phase focused on fully developing and refining the details of the design chosen during the conceptual design phase. The critical aerodynamic design details were determined to be wing area, aspect ratio, airfoil and power requirements at takeoff and cruise. These parameters were optimized using commercial software tools such as JAVAFOIL. Finally, stability, control, and propulsion system analysis over the entire velocity range of the aircraft was conducted to further refine the design. In second phase, the designed airplane is assembled using the appropriate techniques. The team has completed the design successfully and calculated many important parameters, such as, the power required for flight, power available to the propeller, lift and drag to the plane, stability characteristics, cruise and stall velocities and takeoff distance which is 60 ft. The designed electric powered RC airplane is capable of safe flight in the air and has been tested on various occasions.

RC airplane designed and modelled by the team

RC airplane designed and modelled by the team


Radio Controlled (RC) Airplane

RC airplane is an airplane that is remotely controlled by a radio control unit. The electromagnetic waves of specific frequency are used for the communication between the transmitter in the pilot’s hand and the receiver in the airplane body. On receiving the signals from the transmitter, the receiver sends the signals to the corresponding servo units. These servos control the movement of airplane during flight.



Radio controlled planes can serve several different purposes such as regulating the traffic, survey land and provide transport of small cargo in hostile situations. Radio-controlled aircraft are also used for military purposes, with their primary task being intelligence-gathering reconnaissance.


Although, the RC airplane performance was satisfactory, its performance can be further improved with the

following considerations.

  • The function of the transmitter can be perfomed using the advanced mobile applications, thus, saving us to carry it all time.
  • The wings of the RC airplane can be equipted with a solar panel in order to charge the battery (s), thus, we can have prolonged and economical flights.
  • Rc plane can also be used as drone, by installing a camera as a payload, the remote areas can by economically and safely monitored (Military Applications).
  • The RC airplane can be driven using the combinations of different energy resources (hybrid system), e.g. electric energy, IC engine, solar power, etc.

Download Detail project report in PDF: Radio Control Airplane by MUET Young engineers

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