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Pak-E by SSUET Students

Humanoid Robot (Pak-E) designed by Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) Students

Team Members:

1.Rana Waqar
2.Ammar Zafar
3.Daniyal Ali khan
4.Saqib Akbar
5.Noor us Saba
6.Khadija Shabbar
7.Mehak Naweed
8.Jehanzeb Khan
9.Amna Sajjad
10.Muhammad Owais Khatri
11.Muzammil khan
12.Muhammad Ali Soofi

Pak-E by SSUET Students

Robot is equipped with 21 sensor ports
2 sonar sensors
4 force sensors for robot gripper
8 imu sensor ports(MPU6050,6 dof)
3 current sensors for real time current monitoring of different portions
3 voltage sensors on batteries for monitoring discharging and real time voltages
1 GPS skm53 for location finding and navigation purposes
All this data is monitored on VISUAL C # based GUI over 1 mile

The wireless module is xbee s1 pro, we can change it with new xbee module with 6 mile(approx 10km) range, the module adapter is same for both module, so the main board is compatible with newer xbee modules, you  just need to plug the newer module. This xbee rf module can be changed with wifi module, without changing any circuit or soldering, then the same circuit will be operated over the wifi, means then u can monitor and control this system through internet. The robotic arms are equipped with high torque servos with torque upto  40kg cm, the main board has 16 servo out and 10 dc motor out. The head has ip camera ,so you can watch live video streaming over internet.  Each hand is 5 DOF with gripper having two fingers , head motion is 2 DOF(degree of freedom). The battery bank consists of high amp hour lipo batteries and lead acid batteries, the whole system can work for 5 hours with full load, and the main controller board can work for 20 hours continuously with all sensors powered and wireless link. The body is and face is made up of fiber , developed on CNC machine Vehicle has differential drive.

The main controller is Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, operating at 84Mhz and having 32 bit architecture, its available on arduino due board and most importantly, its PAK-E (Physical Action Controlled Entity) ,with a concept to mention the origin country of this project

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