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Innovative Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM by SSUET Students

Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM

B.S Biomedical Engineering, Batch 2004



Engr. Faraz Shaikh

Engr. M. Iqbat Bhatti

DEPARTMENT OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology University Road, Karachi-75300


Zohiab Gulzar (Technical Team Leader)
M. Fawad Baig
Syed Danial Fouz
M. Saad Khan
Shehla Gul Khan Durrani


MIMIC MEDICAL ARM”, as the title indicates the objective was to design a robotic arm that IMITATES and accurately analyze human arm behavior.

Robotics is the science and technology of  robots, their design, manufacture, and application. Robotics requires a working knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and software. Although the appearance and capabilities of robots vary vastly, all robots share the features of a mechanical, movable structure under some form of control. The structure of a robot is usually mostly mechanical and can be called a kinematics chain (its functionality being akin to the skeleton of a body). The chain is formed of links (its bones), actuators (its muscles) and joints which can allow
one or more degrees of freedom. Most contemporary robots use open serial chains in which each link connects the  ne before to the one after it. These robots are called serial robots and often resemble the human arm so called a

ROBOTIC ARM. In the modern world there are robotic arms that perform different tasks like gripping the objects, lifting different loads etc that were initially controlled by remotes, sound and other modes of operations depending on the requirement.


Uses of robots in the field of medicine  are becoming more popular for healthcare by performing different tasks via telemetry and owing to their  advantages over conventional methods. The earlier projects do not include the advancement of mimicry such as those that mimic the technical structure, actions and movements of human arm, are comparatively rare. However, the development and use of such structures in robotic arm is an active area of research.

MIMIC MEDICAL ARM focuses on remotely controlling a robotic arm in 3D space by sensing the actual human arm and imitates accurately the movements of human arm. Many research works has been done on designing of robotic arm according to the task but MMA not only mimic the human arm movement in a real time but also used in teleoperations. Also the previous generations on the design of robotic arm consisted of 1 DOF and 3 DOF but MMA has 6 degrees of freedom including the movement of all three joints of each finger.

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Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM
Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM
Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM
Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM
Final Year Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM


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