Final Year Projects Video Library is a multi-dimensional project by Pakistan Science Club. It not only helps the FYP team but also junior engineer for their upcoming research works and innovations.
• It served as a proof of your research work alongside your project report at any point across the globe.
• It helps to highlight your work.
• Industries may approach to you directly being inspired of your work.
• It may be the source of inspiration for juniors.
The key attributes behind every Final Year Project (FYP) are the tiresome struggle, Passionate research work with careful observations, mind boggling trouble shooting that leads to creative solutions. Last but not the least cautious report writing and presentations. After all this, the Final Year Project (FYP) end up resting in the dark quarters of the lab leaving no physical proof that you ever did that. The worst part is, These projects are neither highlighted nor taken forward so the Juniors would carry forward that research to the next level by their research, Innovation and creativity. Even while filing your FYP at any point of your life you can’t look back the working model. You just sum up by adding the FYP report as a proof.
PSC invites you to bring up your FYPs along your Project team to PSC Media Center where a detailed video ll be recorded. Pakistan Science Club media team can also visit your workshop where you have engineered your project. Pakistan Science Club media team can also visit your university to record this detailed video. The video report will comprise of
• Team Introduction,
• Project Introduction – What it does?
• How it works?
• What are its benefits?
• Technical details of the project.
• Project Motivation / Reason
• Future Scope
• Team message.