List of FYP and semester projects for final year engineering students

List of FYP and semester projects for final year engineering students

1. Digital combinetion lock
2. Safety guard for the blind (proximity base)
3. Light cotrolled digital fan regulator
4. Low-cost energy meter using ade 7757
5. Home automation and security control interface with telephone

6. Line tracking robot/mouse

7. Remot controlled stepper motor

8. Ultrasonic switch

9. Device switching using password

10. Speed checker for highways11. Ultrasonic proximity detector

12. Ultrasonic movement detector

13. Vehicle seed measurement control pc based

14. Smart card for entry employ

15. Security access control system

16. Radar system

17. Pri-paid energy meter

18. Pri-paid car parking system

19. Ultrasonic distance meter2

0. Data secuirty system

21. Design of a bus status identification system

22. Calling number identification using calculator

23. Optical remot switch

24. Load protector with remote switching

25. Disital weight accumulator

26. Remot controlled land rover

27. Telephone ansiring matching
28. Auto car parking
29. An intelligent ambulance car which control to traffic light
30. Watchman robot31. Sun seeker
32. Auto braking system
33. Touch screen
34. Dtmf remote control system

35. Automatic railway crossing gate controller
36. Home security system with sending message on our cell phone
37. Fasted finger first
38. Mobile control electrical appliances
39. Rf control electrical appliances
40. Mind reader41. Digital combination lock
42. Safety guard for the blind
43. Digital speedometer 44. Radio controlled remote control

45. Micro processor-based dc motor speed control

46. 31/2 digit voltmeter with led

47. 31/2 digit voltmeter with lcd

48. 31/2 digit thermometer

49. Dtmf 5-channel switching via power line

50. Device switching using password

51. Laser-based communication link

52. Vioce & data communication with fiber link

53. Budget digital oscilloscope

54. Wireless home security

55. Bend stop filter

56. A versatile function generator

57. Digital door bell

58. Transformer less 12v dual power supply

59. Infrared burglar alarm with timer

60. Automatic voltage stabilizer using autotransformer

61. Digital code lock

62. Telephone call meter

63. Emergency light using cfl

64. Wide rang square wave generator

65. 1 hz clock generator66. Remote musical bell

67. Ele. Telephone demonstrator68. Telephone call counter

69. Led voltmeter for car battery

70. Quality fm transmitter71. Digital volume control

72. 99.99 sec. Stop-clock

73. Multipurpose digital counter

74. Versatile on/off timer75. Super simple triangular to sine wave generator

76. Digital fan regulator

77. Temperature display

78. Frequency generator

79. Sound level indicator for stereo system

80. Single-gate square wave generator

81. Quick 741 and 555 tester

82. Regulate dual power supply

83. Sensitive fm transmitter

84. Light controlled digital fan regulator

85. Moving message display eprom base

86. Programmable digital time switch

87. Programmable digital timer cum clock

88. Remote control audio processor

89. Heart beat monitor

90. Aroplane direction indicator

91. Voice transmitter in power line and switching

92. A single-chip timer with digital clock and calender

93. Impedance meter

94. Remote audio level indicator

95. Multichannel touch switch

96. Saw tooth wave generator

97. Temperature controlled fan

98. 1 hz master oscillator

99. Remote tv tester

100. Cordless intercom

101. Remot controllered land fover –a diy robotic project

102. Digital weight accumulator

103. Ir- to- rf converter

104. Fm receiver using cxa1619

105. Heat sensitive switch

106. Transistor tester

107. Autometic school bell

108. Digital stop water

109. Infrared interuption counter

110. Automatic room light controller